Monday, October 09, 2006

Explaining the Unexplainable

Hhhmmm, perhaps I should change that subject line because it sounds all deep and thoughtful and this post isn't so much. In fact I'm not even really explaining the unexplainable, more like explaining stuff some meme said I shouldn't. But that meme's not the boss of me, dammit. (That statement might be more effective if I could slam a door or pound my fist on a desk or something while I say it. So picture me doing one of those things, ok? Ok. Thanks!) So, in response to yesterday's comments (just the questions - I'll respond to the non-question comments in the comments section of yesterday's post): Liz asked: "ok so i kinda want to know more about why you were suspended from school...hmmm. very, very interesting. oh and what is drying in that barn picture? i want to know more about that too. (please)" Second question first - that's tobacco. We don't grow it, but several of our neighbors to and that photo was taken at a barn just down the road from us. And as for the first question, I was suspended from school because I had the poor judgment to date an idiot. Ok, no, not really. I mean he kind of was, but it's not like anyone MADE me go along with his stupid idea. I was in 10th grade and the boy I was dating at the time thought the perfect way to celebrate his birthday was to shoplift a bottle of liquor (some nasty pre-mixed cocktail thing) and bring it to school so that he, and I, and a few of our friends could drink a toast during our lunch break. I think by the time we passed the bottle around, we got a grand total of about two swallows each and it tasted vile and we'd probably have gotten a better buzz from swigging Nyquil. Nevertheless, it was most definitely against school rules to have booze on campus, and someone ratted us out (I never did find out who), and we all got suspended for two days, so it worked out to one day per swallow. I learned a very important lesson from it though: If you're going to break the rules, don't get caught. Oh, and also that I needed a better boyfriend. Susannah said: "tell us more about kissing a picture" Well, y'know, this one's going to be really boring because I don't remember specifics, just that I'm quite sure I did that during my adolescent "have a crush on a different pop star and/or movie star every week" phase. I remember having posters and fan mags and stuff and I know my friends and I used to kiss the pics sometimes. I don't remember names though. Sometimes the mind is merciful in the memories it chooses to suppress. :-) Darlene said: "The opposites of innocent and sweet...please do explain?" Hhhmm, well now, I didn't actually say I was opposite of innocent and sweet, just that I didn't quite think those descriptions fit me. I think mischievous and spicy might fit me better. ;-) Catherine said: "I'd like to hear about the sitting on a roof top - also about being fired, but only if it won't revive bad horrible feelings." I've sat on several rooftops! In college, the fine arts building was multi-level and you could climb out the window in one section and be on the rooftop of another section and I used to do that sometimes, just because I liked the view from up there. Also the first apartment I shared with J was the same way. We could climb out our living room window and be on the rooftop of another section and we could watch the city fireworks from there on holidays. And I had a friend once who liked to sit on the roof of her house at night to think and watch the stars and I used to go up with her sometimes. We'd both watch the stars and talk about life. And naw, no big deal on the firing. It wasn't because of anything I did, it was just one of those things where the company I worked for at the time went into a slump and had to cut personnel and I was low on the ladder. They'd have probably termed it a lay-off rather than a firing, but when you get called into the supervisor's office and told "we don't have enough hours for everyone and we're letting you go" it still means you're unemployed no matter what they call it. Janet said: "I've never had Mexican Jumping Beans so that would be nice to know about, and also who did you want to kill??" Mexican jumping beans are totally boring. They're just these little larva things that bounce around in some beans or seed pods or something until they hatch and then they die. (Or at least they die if you have them in a little airtight jar. Go figure!) I remember someone in my family having some when we were kids, but I'm a little fuzzy on if it was me or if they actually belonged to my brother or sister. And ummm...I'm going to plead the fifth on the question of who I wanted to kill. There have been a handful of people in the course of my life who have evoked strong and violent feelings in me to the point where I had dark fantasies about causing them severe bodily harm, up to and including a gruesome death. But I'm not so sure it would be wise to name names on a public blog. That sounds like the sort of thing that could come back to bite me in the ass somehow. :-) Bee said: "i'd love to know more about the laughing until you peed one. that seems really funny." Well, no, sadly that's just what happens sometimes when you get to be middle-aged. LOL! (oops...damn, now my chair's wet! kidding...) Really, sorry to be let you down but there's no one story that sticks out in my mind, I just know it's happened to me before. BTW, I like your screen name. My first name means "bee." Wow, that got long and probably wasn't even all that interesting after all. Oh. Well. It's Monday and we do what we can on Mondays, yes? Here's today's Daily Art Thang, another view of the same barn as yesterday's photo, only this is a different angle and it's been "paintified." "Tobacco Barn - Paintified" (clickable)

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