Wednesday, May 03, 2006

G is for...

I'm reallyREALLY late getting this posted today, but here we go... Time for another WordPlay Personal Dictionary Entry! If you want to know more about how and why I started doing this series of posts, read my "A is for..." entry. If you want to see a list of more people doing the same thing, check out Laume's WordPlay site. Now here we go... G is for... Gobbler Knob - What the local folks have called our farm since long before we ever bought it. Girly Time - My term for the "no boys allowed" time I spend with my women friends now and then. It helps keep me sane-ish. Games - like gin rummy, other card games, board games - you name it! I'm not a fan of sports but I love games! Giraffes - Proof that God has a sense of humor. Goldfinches - One of my favorite birds to watch at our seed feeders. They sing beautifully and I love the way they change colors with the seasons, from olive drab in mid-winter to glorious daffodil-yellow in mid-summer. Gadgets - I have a major, irrational THING for gadgets, especially kitchen gadgets. Lead me to the gadget section of an upscale kitchen store when I have a few bucks to spare and I'm happy as a hog in slops. Hell, lead me to the gadget wall at Wal-Mart and I'm pretty dern pleased! Garlic, Grits, Gravy, Guacamole, Grapes, German Chocolate Cake, Gingerbread - Some of my favorite G-foods. (I can find a way to slip some garlic into just about anything short of dessert.) Ginger Ale - As a rule, I hardly ever drink anything fizzy because fizzy drinks (from soda to champagne) don't really agree with me, but I will occasionally drink ginger ale. I reallyReally like it and it's one of the few things that ever sounds good to me when I don't feel well. Ginger (from Gilligan's Island) - Great TV character! How can you not love a red-haired woman who takes eyeliner and sparkly evening dresses with her on a three-hour sight-seeing tour?! Good Mail - It makes my day when I find Good Mail in my mailbox! Ghosts - I believe they exist. I've had some first-hand encounters. Guests - "All my guests bring me joy: some when they arrive, others when they depart." I wish I could remember where I first came across that little saying. I love it! I keep threatening to hang a plaque with that saying on our front door, but I haven't done it...yet. Groundhog Day - One of my favorite comedy movies! It's a very quantum physics sort of story, and hilarious, and it stars Bill Murray. Win/Win/Win! Girl Scouts - I was a Girl Scout for years and in my typical self-competitive fashion I racked up a lot of merit badges before I decided I was tired of the club. Greenville (North Carolina) - Someplace I used to live. Gifts - Fun to give! Fun to receive! Fun to wrap! Fun to unwrap! What's not to like? Garden - I'm not quite so avid a Gardener as I was a few years ago, but I still love my flowers. Greece - One of the places I would most like to see in the world. For as long as I can remember I've been strongly drawn to the Mediterranean region, especially Greece and Italy. I see photos from those countries (where I've never been, at least not in this lifetime!) and against all reason my heart whispers "home". Glasses - I've been wearing them since the third grade. These days I wear contact lenses during the day, but now that my eyes are getting middle-aged right along with the rest of me, I need reading glasses with my contacts sometimes and bifocals without my contacts. Sigh. Glass - I collect colored glass vases - all colors. I also love stained glass artwork. Grove - The name of one of my more recent quilt series. Graveyards - I'm weirdly fascinated by old graves. I seldom (if ever) visit the graves of those I knew in life. I prefer to remember them in other ways. But the monuments of people I've never known...people who have been gone so long that there's no one left alive to remember them or mourn them - those just seem peaceful and interesting to me. I like to look for odd-shaped stones, odd names, or odd epitaphs and photograph them. (Did I just come across as totally freaky??) Glide - I like the word. I like the idea of being able to glide through the air, or through the water or across the dance floor. Also it's the name of my favorite brand of dental floss. I am a fanatical flosser. (No, ok, now THAT is totally freaky, right?!) Giggle - Pretty self-explanatory, yes? Geeze, Gazillion - Words I use a lot. Glorious, Giddy, Gleeful, Gentle, Generous, Gorgeous - G-words I love. "G is for..." (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window)

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