Saturday, June 10, 2006

The ABCs of Me

"The ABCs of Me" (This is today's D.A.T. I decided to put it on top of the post instead of on the bottom. I don't know why. I just did. I'm wacky that way.) I've seen this meme on lots and lots of different blogs, and am finally getting around to doing it. I ended up copying the list courtesy of acumamakiki. Thanks, K! Accent - A linguist would probably say my accent is US Midwestern with a touch of Dixie. Strangely, I've had more than one person tell me I pronounce certain words in a somewhat British way, although I have no idea why, since I've never been to the UK. But basically, I believe in the "home team" theory of accents. If you come to visit me, then you're the one with the accent and the way I talk is normal. If I go visit you, I have whatever accent you say I do and the way you talk is normal. If we meet on neutral ground, well...we'll work that out when the time comes. Booze - I like wine (especially white); margaritas (on the rocks, lots of salt); frou-frou rum or vodka drinks, and most other fruity or sweet mixed drinks or liqueurs (if it tastes like dessert, I'll probably drink it); I don't like beer, gin, or whiskey. Yeah, yeah, I realize I just outed myself as a totally wimpy girly-girl boozer. Whatevah! Chore I hate - Mopping. Or washing dishes by hand. That sucks rocks too. Dog/cat - 3 nice dogs, 1 evil cat Essential electronics - Computer, digital camera, DVD player, cell phone (just because I feel safer having it...I'm not a phone talker!) Favorite perfume - Freshly-washed bare skin. Perfume chokes me (literally! - allergies, dammit). Gold/silver - Either. Both! Often at the same time! Given the chance, I'll throw some copper on too, whatthehell! Hometown - A little town in southwestern Ohio, not far from Cincinnati Insomnia - Sometimes, yes, especially around the full moon. Job title - Goddess of Gobbler Knob Kid(s)- "No thanks. I love kids, but I can't eat a whole one." (cue rim shot! Smartass quote courtesy of WC Fields.) Or in other words, none. I get my kid-fix through friends' kids or our 19 nieces and nephews. (Of course some of them aren't kids anymore, but the ones who aren't are now creating little great-nieces and great-nephews for us, so it still works out.) Living arrangements - A white cottage with a red roof, red doors, and red shutters, waaaay out in the country. Most admirable trait - I floss. Geeze, I don't know! How about optimism - that's admirable I suppose. Or annoying, depending on your point of view. Number of countries visited - Six, so far (counting the US). I hope to make it many more. (The original meme said "number of sex partners" for this one, but please...pleeeease! I don't discuss exact numbers - mine OR his - with my husband ferpetessake! I'm certainly not going to discuss it here! So I changed the question. My blog, my rules.) Overnight hospital stays - None, other than maybe when I was first born. (They kept new moms and infants a couple of nights back in the stone age y'know!) Phobias - Spiders, small closed-in places, deep water, closed-minded people Quote - "Reality is fine in small doses, but as a lifestyle it's much too confining." (Lily Tomlin) Religion - Pass. God I can deal with, organized religion I can't. Pretty much had that burned out of me in my childhood. Siblings - One brother, one sister, both younger. Time you usually wake - 8:00-ish AM Unusual talent - Uuuhh...I'm good at saying tongue twisters - is that unusual? Vegetable I refuse to eat - Cabbage, in any form. Bleah! Stinky! Worst habit - Too much time spent on this machine!!! X-rays - Sure a few. I don't know a number or anything. Yummy foods I make - Hey, if I cook it, it's yummy! Or at least you'd better SAY it's yummy if you want to be asked back to dinner again. Heh. Zodiac - Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon, Aquarius Ascendant; My whole chart is overloaded with water and air signs. There are a few touches of fire; almost no earth. By now most of you know my policy on tagging for memes - it's self-serve, baby! If you want to be tagged, say so in comments and run with it. If you don't want to be tagged, you could always leave a comment just to make me smile! ;-)