Wednesday, March 29, 2006

B is for...

I started the Personal Dictionary Project (my current name for it) last week. If you missed it and want to read more about what I'm doing, you can check out my "A is for..." entry. B is for... Books - as necessary to me as breathing. When I meet someone who tells me they think reading is boring, I find it as baffling (another good word!) as if they had said "I hate oxygen. All that pulling it in, pushing it out...It's so boooo-ring". Um, yeah. Okay. Blogs - I'm finding it such fun to write one myself and have found so many wonderful artists, writers, and all-around interesting people through reading other blogs. I have trouble remembering what life was like pre-blogging. Bee - that's what the name Deborah means. I often draw a fat little bee somewhere on my artwork as a kind of signature-in-code. Buster - the first dog J and I ever adopted together. Bargain - love it when I find one! Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) - 1. one of my all-time-favorite TV shows; 2. one of my favorite fictional characters. Whenever a person is in a jam, it never hurts to ask "WWBD?" (What would Buffy do?). Buick (Park Avenue) - what I currently drive. It's old (12 years!) and scabby and such an OldLadyCar, but it's comfortable and familiar and reliable and I plan to drive it until it becomes undriveable. Blueberries, Blackberries, Bacon, Bread (GOOD bread, not that pre-sliced factory-made crappola) - some of my favorite B-foods. Birthday cake - the breakfast of champions! Barbara (Michaels) - one of my favorite authors; (real name Barbara Mertz; also writes as Elizabeth Peters). Beauty - I look for it everywhere. Believe - I try. I really try. Bliss - always good policy to notice what brings you this. Bubblebaths - aaaahhhh...relaxing!...especially by candlelight. Boots - one of the few good things about winter. Belleville (Ontario) - speaking of winter...where I spent about six months one winter. If you try to tell me that winter doesn't last six months, then I'll tell you that you haven't been to Ontario in September - April. Butterflies - I love the colors, love to watch them fly, and love the theme of transformation they embody. Backgammon - I played like crazy in college, but these days I only play against the computer, which isn't nearly as much fun. Basil - One of my favorite herbs. Beautiful colors and shapes, yummy smell and taste! Birds - J and I both love to watch them so we keep several feeders stocked and put up bluebird boxes and purple martin condos on our place. Beads - Ooooh, shiny! You find anything I like and I bet I'll like it even MORE if you stick some beads on it. Bugger - one of my favorite swear words, partly because I just like the sound of the word and partly because it's not in common use on this side of the pond, so many people in the US don't quite get what it means. I can say "bugger" in front of people who would be mortally offended if I said "fuck" and they hardly blink an eye. I suspect it demonstrates a severe lack of maturity that I enjoy that so much, but whatever....Bugger it! "B is for..." (You can click on it if you want to see it larger in a new window.)

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