Monday, March 27, 2006

Wanna Know What Bugs Me?

Well then I'll tell ya. (You DID say "yes", didn't you? Didn't you??) 1. It bugs me when EDKSky, my neurotic cat, chooses a time just before daybreak, when I'm usually getting my best sleep of the night, not to mention having some of my most interesting dreams, to hop down from the bed and stick out one claw and pickPickPICK at the quilt while biting said claw. I don't mean the making biscuits thing that cats do when they're happy (although he does that). I don't mean the way cats stick out all their claws and work them on scratching posts, trees, carpet, and furniture (although he does that too). No. I mean he sticks out ONE claw - what would be his forefinger nail if he had fingers and nails instead of paws and claws - and he hooks it repeatedly into anything nearby - preferably something that a) ends up damaged and b) drives me freakin' NUTS from the sound - and eventually after he's pickPickPICKED his claw into whatever-it-is for a while, he'll start working at said claw with his teeth. That's right. My cat bites his nails. Well, ONE nail anyway. And his favorite-ever time and place to do it is beside my bed at about 5:00 am, a time, BTW, that I really don't believe in. I mean, yes, ok, I believe 5 AM technically exists. I know that if there's a 5 PM, there has to be a 5 AM, what with the clock being a circle and all, but I don't think people are supposed to be conscious then. I think 5 AM is supposed to be dealt with like major surgery - you're supposed to sleep through it. Nevertheless, Sky has recently decided that is THE Time to obsessively bite his stupid toenail right next to me. That bugs me. 2. It bugs me when I want to take a photo or do a drawing or make a fiber art piece about a particular theme and can't get it right. I take photos I like. I do drawings and fiber pieces I like. When I'm lucky, if a challenge or exhibit has a particular theme I'll have something lying around the house that fits the theme, or that I can MAKE fit with some creative writing of the artist's statement. But now and then there's something I'd like to do that has a theme and I can't find anything around here that fits. Inevitably, when that happens and I try to do something to fit the theme, either I have a total mental block or if I DO have an idea, my execution of said idea sucks rocks. Big, fat, craggy boulders, even. That bugs me. 3. It bugs me when I buy something without trying it on, SURE it'll fit, and it doesn't. When I buy new underwear and it's the same brand I usually buy, the same size I usually buy, and the same cut I usually buy, but I decide to try a different fabric, that shouldn't make a really huge difference, right? But I recently did that - bought something that was nearly what I usually buy, but a different material and the first day I wore a pair, I spent the entire day fishing underwear out of my ass. No. Not acceptable. If I wanted butt floss, I'd have bought a thong. So that brand new underwear went straight into the trash when I took them off that night. I might as well have whipped some money out of my wallet and set fire to it. At least the fire would have been pretty. The underwear wasn't. That bugs me. 4. This doesn't bug me. I like how it turned out: "Icy Oak" But I'm glad the ice didn't stick around long! PS...Morv and I are having fun! :-)