Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Impressions (grooooan)

It's Sunday and I'm still trying to catch up on everything after having been gone a couple of days, so today I'm taking the easy way out and you get a quiz (I kind of liked this one!) and another of my experiments in selective color. Enjoy!
Which Art Movement Are You?
You're Impressionism! Founded in mid 1800's, this revolutionary art movement was one of the first "rebellious" ones which began to defy the traditional mainstream art. Where classical art was all about being as detailed as possible, impressionists began to play with colours and visible brushstrokes in order to give an impression of something more realistic. Impressionists were aware of how vision works and knew how to fool the human eye by spattering mainly primary colours on the sheet making the result look like a complete mess up close and like a wonderful, almost photorealist, from further away. Some (neo-impressionists aka pointilissts) took it a step further and used only tiny spots of red, yellow, and blue to create great masterpieces that could only be viewed from a few steps away from the actual painting. All the magic happened literally in the eye of the beholder. Critics blaimed impressionists for not being able to paint properly, but most artists were only inspired by the new way of portraiting the world. Key words in this art movement were colours, light, movement, and momentaryness. Impressionist paintings were often very light and airy, and they usually portraited pleasant everyday things like walks in a park and light summer days. Famous Impressionists: Claude Monet, Edward Degas Picture by Monet - Monet had a beautiful backgarden which he could have painted endlessly. The vibrant light reflecting from the greenish surface of the waterlily-covered pond was his inexhaustible source of inspiration. Up close, this painting would look like an abstract mess of different shades of all the colours of the rainbow, but viewed from further away the splodges of colour form a gorgous work of art, as realistic as a photograph. That's the beauty of it. Take this quiz!
"A Touch of Red"