Saturday, March 11, 2006

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #9

I know, I know....Two Junk Drawer posts in one week. But I'm tellin' ya, it's just a Junk Drawer kind of week. 1. I noticed last night that Bloglines (which is the primary way I keep track of who has posted something new on various blogs I read) was acting a little screwy. There were more blogs listed with feed errors than not. Same thing this morning. Just as I was wondering what was up I remembered - Mercury went retrograde a few days ago and will stay that way for another couple of weeks. Sigh. Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride!** 1b. **I know the real quote is "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!", but people almost always misquote it as "ride" and I think "ride" sounds better in this context so, I'm going with it. Hmph! 2. The weather cooperated last night and I watched "Walk the Line". I really liked it! I can see why it has been nominated for so many awards from various groups and has won a few of them. I know basically nothing about the facts of the lives of Johnny Cash or anyone connected with him, so I have no idea how accurate the movie is and how much of it is pure Hollywood. Someone who is enough of a Cash fan to know more about him might have another opinion, but I thought it seemed to handle the story pretty fairly. No one was shown as perfect and no one was shown as a total "bad guy". It was the story of a bunch of flawed, complex humans. Plus the music was fun. I'm glad I saw it! 3. Ooooh, I see a fork on Segue Street! I could slide straight from "Walk the Line" into several other things I want to talk about. Which shall it be? How about The Weather? (It is so a segue from the previous topic. Look at the first line of #2 if you don't believe me!) Our weather is still weirdly warm at the moment, but our long-range forecast is mentioning the possibility of the "S" word for Tuesday and beyond. You know the one, the WORST 4-letter word ever: S-N-O-W. Ok, wait a minute here. Wednesday is my birthday and Thursday is when I have a ticket to see "Wicked". Y'all should expect to get thoroughly sick of hearing about that in the next few days, BTW. I might as well just post entries that say "5 more days til Wicked!"...."4 more days til Wicked"...etc. And also, FYI, I have discovered that 99% of the time when I try to type "Wicked", I type it "Wicket" the first time. Heh. But I digress. A lot. Where the hell was I?? Oh yeah, the "S" word. SO...Anyway, I want it to be known to all that I STRONGLY object to the "S" word and even more so to what it represents and would appreciate it if y'all send warm steamy thoughts toward Kentucky to counteract this possible "S"-vasion, because if I don't get my birthday dinner out and get to see "WickeDDDD", I'm going to be Cranky with a capital CRANK, and it is SOOOO not going to be pretty around here for a while. Ggggrrrr... Warm thoughts, warm thoughts, warm thoughts~~~~~ 4. I'm bummed that the ladies at Go Fug Yourself have their comments disabled these days because I want to tell them that I can't believe when they were snarking about this photo that they didn't mention the way the poster of Michael Keaton in the background seems to be staring at Bebe Neuwirth in complete disbelief. I think it's the funniest part of the picture! 5. I caught a repeat of the premier episode of "Top Chef" last night and it was kind of fun. I may have to keep watching it. 5b. During commercials I went ahead and finished the book I blogged about yesterday. Even though I was pretty much over it by that point I hated to not go ahead and read the last 50 pages. Oh, not to find out how it ends mind you, because come on....It's a "historical" romance novel! We all KNOW how it's going to end! But before I move on to serial killers or plagues or something I found myself mildly curious to know: a) HOW, exactly, our lovebirds would defeat the villain who wanted to claim the heroine's now-nonexistent virtue and therefore get their HEA b) How many times and ways the author would manage to write more orgasms into the last 50 pages (I didn't count but it was several, including once at a crowded party given in the hero's honor), and... c) How many strange and semi-scary hits I'm going to get from Google searches on the past couple of days blog entries. Ahem. 6. I finally, FINALLY got around to finishing the postcards I promised as prizes, not only in last weekend's "name that quilt series" contest, but in the PREVIOUS weekend's "name that movie earworm" contest! Yay! I'll get these in the mail early next week, so the three winners of those contests should be on the lookout for their fabric postcards by late next week. Hope you like them, ladies! Here (as my Daily Art Thang) is a photo of the finished postcards: "Spiral Dance Postcards" (4" x 6" each; clickable if you want to see them larger in a new window) 6b. And here is a slightly larger card (5" x 7") that I'll be donating to Ami Simms for her next Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative fundraiser auction. "Spiral Dance 3: Recital"

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