Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday: April Fool, Week 3

It's week 3 of the April SPT theme to act silly and foolish in front of the camera. So this week I invite you to join me on a photo excursion to Bouncin' Big Curl Beauty Barn. It all started when some friends visited a couple of weeks ago and Brenda had some hot rollers with her. You see, Brenda has Big Hair. She uses a combination of styling products and those hot rollers to make sure she has Big Hair every single day, rain or shine, work or play. Then Morven wondered what she'd look like with Big Hair. Brenda said she could use the products and rollers and Bev volunteered to play the role of Stylist to the Stars and suddenly my library-office-sewing room was transformed into Bouncin' Big Curl Beauty Barn. Morven looked cute with Big Hair (but I won't share a pic because I forgot to ask her if I could), but when her hair was done, the girls weren't really satisfied. They wanted another customer. Brenda had Big Hair. Morven had Big Hair. Bev and Nancy both have Do's that are too short to achieve Bigness. You've figured out who that left, right? Yep. Me. I tried to tell them that my hair doesn't hold any curl but its own, but they reallyREALLY wanted to try, so I agreed. As per their Professional Stylist Instructions, I dried my hair (it was immediately post-shower when they hatched this plan and my hair was still wrapped in a towel), but didn't put any Stuff on it. Without my Secret Weapon, I was left with a frizzy bell of red around my face. Then Mam'selle Brenda made me smear some rather mucous-like gel through it and Madame Bev went to work with the curlers and clips, and before I knew it I had a head full of hot rollers covered in festive plastic wrap. Sex-ay! A cup of coffee and a half-a-slice of apple bread later, we un-plastic-ed and unrolled my new curls. TaaDaaa! Then came the styling phase where Bev gave me Big Hair. Look closely because it will be a long, LONG time before you see this again: Despite Mam'selle Brenda's assurances that her snot-gel and hairspray would hold ANY curl, an hour or two later mine had already deflated this much: (I think it looked better a bit deflated.) Brenda and Morven still had Big Hair though, so I guess two out of three ain't bad. At least that's what Meatloaf says. For today's Art du Jour here's my lasting impression of the experience: "Attack of the Big Hair"