Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bad Santas, Good Friends, and Lame-O Video

For a little joy of the season (ahem) take a look at this website shared with me by Mad Wench Babs: Season's Screamings. The Chicago Tribune asked readers to send in their favorite "Scared of Santa" photos and that's where the results are posted. My reaction was that a) some of the photos are quite funny; while b) others are rather pitiful. Also c) some of the Santas look really nice - just like I imagine Santa should look; but d) many of those Santas look very, VERY wrong. I'd have screamed and run away too, and I don't just mean when I was a child. I spent most of Monday in Lexington having a little holiday Girly Lunch and Shopping Day with my friends Bev and Nancy. We had a fabulous time and I would normally have posted a little about it yesterday, but since I did the Self-Portrait Tuesday thing yesterday, I saved it for today. At one point we were in a store (I don't even remember the name of it!) and having Too Much Fun in the purse department, as we rummaged among this season's beads and sequins and metallic leathers, finding stuff we liked and stuff we just thought was over-the-top hilarious. Naturally I had to whip out my camera, which seems to be permanently attached to my hand lately. Deb, Nan, Bev I didn't aim very well, but you can tell we were having fun, yes? Eventually we got tired and relaxed for a while on one of their furniture displays. Believe it or not, we eventually left voluntarily, not because we were asked to. And I left behind the most fabulous embellished shoes that were calling my name so loud and long and so very, very persistently that it's a wonder I didn't dash myself against a submerged rock as I struggled to reach them. But being as I have pretty much spent any and all discretionary funds for the moment, I left them there like a good little grown-up. Dammit. And finally, last but not...well..actually maybe last AND least, thanks to Deirdre who Knows Someone With Skills, my lame little 20 second video clip is now edited down to a manageable size. Yay! Thank you Deirdre and Deirdre's Friend! This is probably a one-shot deal for me, because I can't imagine going through this again unless and until the technology becomes much easier for mere geek-wannabes and more file-size-friendly for those on dial-up. But if you want to see it, click below and it'll play in a new window. It's a .wmv file, so if your 'puter makes you choose how to open it rather than doing it for you, you need to choose Windows Media Viewer. The file size is around 1.4 MB, so not bad for those with a fast connection and not tooooo horrendous for those on dial-up if you want to go get a cup of coffee or something while it loads. Please don't laugh too hard at how pathetic it is!! At least not to my face!! [grin] DebR Moves AND Speaks! Badly! Yeah, Baby!