Thursday, December 15, 2005

Quilting Talk with a Side of Runway Snark

Let's talk about quilting a little today. Oh, I do SO talk about quilting sometimes. Shut up! I did a little bit yesterday. Quilting, that is. Don't get excited, nothing artsy-fartsy, but remember a while back I basted one of my stack of traditional-ish UFO bed quilts? Only that didn't go so well, so I've been ignoring it ever since. And the problem still isn't solved, but in my typical "forge ahead and have faith that it'll all work itself out in the end" manner, I decided to start quilting it anyway. I figure if I start in the middle, then by the time I get to the problem areas on the edges I'll have figured something out. Ahem. I had what I thought was a very cool idea about how to quilt part of it and thought perhaps I'd have a photo to share. But that was until I tried my "very cool idea" and decided it looked like a steaming pile of dog excrement and spent a nice long time frog stitching. Rippppit, Rippppit. So then I went to Plan B. I'm not so sure I'm loving Plan B either, but it doesn't make me want to gouge out my eyes, so I'm going with it for now. No photos yet though. Really, really nothing photo-worthy to share about it yet. But since I'd planned to show a photo today, I'll show you something else. Not quilty, but hey, no big shock, right? I got a box in the mail from my friend Morven (mentioned in yesterday's post) and it had wrapped prezzies inside for Christmas, except that two of those little packages had things written on them in shiny silver letters. They said "Open me now. Yes, really." and "Open me now. You know you want to.", which was a teeensy bit scary because it seemed very "Through the Looking Glass" to me and I wondered if I opened them would I suddenly grow to 10 feet tall or shrink to mouse size? But no, instead I found these: ...which I'm sure are meant to be ornaments for a Christmas tree, but since a) my (fake) Christmas tree is still in the basement, under the stairs, wrapped in a shroud and likely to stay that way at least another year, and b) I want to see these all year 'round, not just for a few days in December, I'm not hanging them on any steeenkin' tree. I put them right here on my puter desk, near Marlena, where I can see them every day. Thanks Morven! Project Runway: spoilers ahead....go away if you're a TiVo addict I think the decisions last night about who won and who left were spot on. I don't often agree with the judges quite so completely, but last night I did. I loved the winning outfit and thought the losing one looked like something made by a disinterested 14-year-old in a beginner's Home Ec. class. (Do they still call those classes "Home Ec"? I think not. I think I should be calling that something else, but I can't think what, so never mind. I'm sure most of you know what I mean.) Santino is annoying. He'd be annoying with his little god complex even if he didn't remind me of one of J's brothers, and NOT one of my favorite of his brothers but one I have been heard to refer to in my more vicious moments as "a waste of skin". Since he does remind me of J's brother, I pretty much detest him already. The man has talent - Santino, that is, not J's brother - but geeze louise, get over yourself already, Bud! Coming in second is not "losing", at least not until the final show! I was disappointed in how quiet and dull Zulema was last night. She's been pegged as this year's "Wendy" but last night both she and the outfit she designed were quite boringly mundane. What the hell was Andrae thinking with that pumpkin-butt skirt??? I mean come on. Just what every woman wants is to look like she has a giant orange ass, right? NOT. But as ugly as I thought the dress was, one thing I disagreed with the judges about was their insistence that he should have put the long, bleached-blonde wig on his dark-skinned model. Aren't Barbies supposed to be a bit more diverse looking these days?? Kara is living in some other dimension or something. She's just not all there. That's all I can think of that stood out to me, for now. I'm sure I'll dish more in future weeks. Stay tuned...

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