Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hot Stuff From the Cold North

I got Good Mail today! Mr. UPS Man pulled up in his big, beautifully ugly, brown truck and handed me a box and inside was a gift from my friend Martha, who lives in Alaska and is an amazing quilt artist and bead artist and now apparently a doll artist! Martha had to have been working on this prezzie for a while, but she kept verrrrry quiet about it. I wish I could put a link here so you could see more of her work, but she doesn't have a blog or website. (Hint, Hint, Martha!!!) She is SO gorgeous. The doll that is. Well, Martha too, actually! But in this case we're talking about the doll. Here, take a look. And here's a close-up so you can see the face and hair in a little more detail. Look at the eyes! The wild and wicked beautiful red hair! The sparkly jewels! The also-sparkly skin! The wonderfully mossy rock she rests her fine and sexy self against! Is that not just Too Cool for words?? She's exactly who I would want to be if I were a mermaid. She's currently hanging out on top of my scanner while I decide where she's going to live permanently. I also need to decide on a name. Martha didn't name her, so I'm listening if anyone wants to offer suggestions. Thanks, Martha, you made my day. :-)