Thursday, March 31, 2005

Inner Age and Colors of Spring

Oh yeah, and a smidge about the new quilt too... Today is my dad's 66th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!! Inside his head, he's younger than I am. We discovered that a couple of years ago, when we were talking about "inner age" compared to chronological age. You old would you guess you were, based on how mature you feel inside, not physical appearance, if you didn't know your literal age? For the longest time I would've said 27. But a few years ago, almost overnight, my inner age jumped up a few years. Now I would say I feel 35. When Dad and I were talking about it though, he said his answer would be 29. So my inner age is 6 years older than my dad's inner age, even though his outer age is 23 years older than mine. Go figure! I wonder how old I'll be when I start feeling 40-something inside? I got very little done on the sun quilt today. I cut a bunch of fabric into strips and sewed together a few chunks, but not enough to bother updating the blog with a new photo. Maybe tomorrow. For now I decided to post a photo of some flowers I picked today from my back yard. This is one of my favorite color pairings and one of the reasons I love spring. Shades of Blue and Yellow