Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I'm sure everyone who stops by here is just breathless with anticipation --- Did DebR start the new quilt project today, as promised? Or did she slack? If she did start, how did it go? Were there sparks? Well never fear, I don't intend to keep you waiting any longer. I did, in fact sew today! WooooHooooo! The morning saw some continued procrastination, but the afternoon saw me at the sewing machine, cutting, sewing, pressing, cutting some more, etc., etc. All I have done so far is two blocks. My idea involves making the same block in two different sizes and arranging the blocks in a fairly complex layout. I made a sample block in each size today. I'd hoped to get more done (and hope future blocks go faster than these! sheesh!) but at least it's a start. I think I like what I've done so far. It's rather low-contrast because I have a bad habit of working right in the middle of the color spectrum where all the Bright Colors hang out and this one is no exception, at least so far. It's fun there! The Bright Colors throw a good party! Who wants to mess with those boring Dull Colors? Not me! Ahem. Anyway...it isn't love yet, but it's a start. The coffee date went well. Maybe tomorrow we'll do lunch. Don't know how much you can tell from just two blocks, but here's a peek at my progress so far. Bright Sun Whatd'ya think?