Thursday, March 17, 2005

Cranky Irish Vulcan and Yay Goldfinches!

Cranky Irish Vulcan Ok, I'm not really cranky, or Vulcan, although I AM part-Irish, several ancestors back. But I liked how Cranky Irish Vulcan sounded, and that's what counts, yes? Here's what I wore today in honor of St. Patrick's Day: My Frowny-Face socks that say "cranky" all over them. I love weird socks. My weird sock collection is perhaps even larger than my shoe collection. (gasp!) And this is one of my favorite pairs. (Please ignore the shoes....they are my "ugly, but super-comfortable wear-around-the-house-with-jeans" shoes) And here is my Granny Smith Apple-Green Henley shirt and silver/peridot ring, on my right hand, which is making the Vulcan greeting symbol, just to show I can. Gawd, I'm such a nerd. :-) (Please ignore my stubby, unpolished nails...they are still in recovery from the abuse I heaped upon them by gluing fake GirlyNails to them for the cruise) And there you have nod to St. Patrick's Day traditions. I draw the line at green beer. I don't even like BROWN beer! Yay Goldfinches! Today, for the first time this year, J and I spotted some bright yellow feathers starting to show up among their drab khaki-olive winter feathers on the goldfinches at our bird feeder. That's a sure sign that spring is just around the corner. I always feel a surge of hope when I see those bright yellow spots for the first time. So YAY goldfinches!! Thank you for a literal bright spot in my day. Still no quilt project on the horizon. Stay tuned. Oh yeah...and Live Long And Prosper.

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