Wednesday, March 16, 2005

And Another Thing...

before I move on to quilts. I feel the need to comment on a couple of things I saw this morning, one a news headline, the other an email subject line. The news headline, from WLWT, Cincinnati, OH: "Double Fatal Crash Was 'Horrible,' Witness Says" (I'm not going to link to the story because, really, you don't want to read it. Or if you DO want to read it, you can Google it or something.) I hate this kind of so-called journalism. HATE it! They had a story earlier about the crash occurring...when, where, how it happened. That was news. And when I read it, I thought it was a horrible event. Now they post the above story. Do I NEED to have an eye witness tell me that two people dying in a crash of twisted metal and broken glass is Bad? The day I can't figure that out for myself is the day I'd better turn in my claim to being a decent human being. Yet still, reporters are out there, asking "Mr. Smith, how did you FEEL when you realized your entire family went down in the plane?"..."Mrs. Jones, how did you FEEL when you watched the disgruntled employee open fire in your workplace?"..."Mr. Duncan, how did you FEEL when you saw two trucks crash head-on right in front of you?" Bleah!! Enough already! When it comes to journalism, I'm with Sgt. Friday....Just the facts, please. I'll figure out how to feel about them all by myself. And on a MUCH lighter note, I found a note in my inbox this morning from a Mr. Gilbert Wru, with the following subject line: "You requires just 11 min to intend for the night of sexual activity" Well, really! How the hell does Mr. Wru, someone I've never met, have any idea how many min I requires to intend for the night of sexual activity? And is saying I requires "just" 11 min intended as the compliment or the insult? I guess I'll never know, since I sent the Mr. Wru to the recycle bin unread. And while it's fun to talk like the Manolo, I'll stop now and go talk about quilts a while.

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