Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's the 14th Anniversary of my 29th Birthday!

...or the 43rd anniversary of my Grand Entrance to Planet Earth (at least for THIS lifetime). My thanks, BTW, to my Uncle Harold for the "anniversary of your 29th birthday" thing. That's how he refers to his birthdays and it cracks me up, so I blatantly stole the idea. Just a quick entry to say hello in case anyone stops by. I intend today to be a day of total ME-ness before returning to Real Life tomorrow. In preparation, yesterday was spent paying bills, shopping for groceries, renewing the vehicle tags, going to the post office, cooking, sweeping, etc. No doubt tomorrow will find me doing some of the same things. But today?.... Today is a day of No Cooking. We're having leftovers for lunch and J is taking me out to my fave Mexican restaurant for supper. Today is a day of Cake. There's a coconut cake in the fridge and I didn't bake it, and I plan to eat at least two large slices today. HA! Healthy eating is for Non-Birthday Days. If you can't have cake for breakfast on your birthday, when CAN you do it? Today is a day of books and movies. I intend to spend as much time as I want to reading and/or watching old musicals on DVD and I refuse to feel an iota of guilt about wasted time. Today is a day of walking in the sunshine. We actually HAVE sunshine today, very definitely NOT a given on March 15 in northern Kentucky, and I intend to get outside this afternoon and enjoy it for a while. Today is a day to hug and kiss my husband, talk to my friends and family, and be happy to be alive. I hope everyone has as wonderful a day today as I intend to have.