Sunday, January 08, 2006

Here a Meme, There a Meme, Everywhere a MemeMeme

I've been tagged by Debra for the FourThings Meme, so here goes. Naturally I added commentary and photos and stuff here and there, because I do that sort of thing. Four Jobs You've Had: 1. Receptionist in a Veterinary office (sometimes fun, sometimes heartbreaking) 2. Display designer for a department store (dressing mannequins, doing window displays, etc. - fun, but physically difficult) 3. A personal shopper during Christmas season (Helping men buy lingerie for their wives and girlfriends, all of whom were somehow miraculously "just about your size", on Christmas Eve Day. Ugh!) 4. Office manager for a small MRDD facility (ok, but kind of boring) Four (Hundred) Movies You Could Watch Over and Over: 1. The Princess Bride 2. The Philadelphia Story 3. Groundhog Day 4. A Fish Called Wanda 5. What? I'm supposed to stop at only FOUR?? Geeeeeeeeze, I was barely getting started! Four Places You've Lived: 1. Cincinnati, Ohio 2. Sheboygan, Wisconsin 3. Greenville, North Carolina 4. Cape Girardeau, Missouri Four TV Shows you love to Watch: 1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I don't care if it's canceled! I have them all on DVD!) 2. Grey's Anatomy (Desperate Housewives meets ER...gotta love it!) 3. Project Runway (Whatta circus!) 4. NCIS (Helloooo, Mark Harmon!) Four Places You've Been on Vacation: 1. Outer Banks, North Carolina (Nags Head area, several times) 2. Disney World, Orlando, Florida (3 times, I think) 3. Maine (once so far; and bonus! - one day we accidentally ended up in New Hampshire for a while) 4. Great Smoky Mountains (both TN and NC sides several times each) Four Websites You Visit Every Day: (I'm going to list only websites other than blogs, because there are more than 4 blogs that I like enough to visit daily, and I don't want to try to choose which 4 out of those to list.) 1. Artful Gift Puzzle 2. Jigzone 3. Weather forecast for Ewing, KY 4. Bloglines (and on to many blogs from there) Four Of Your Favorite Foods: 1. Chocolate 2. Fresh raspberries 3. Seafood (especially crab) 4. Pasta (especially portobello mushroom ravioli) Four Places You'd Rather Be: 1. Someplace warm 2. Someplace sunny 3. Someplace where the sky is blue 4. Someplace where someone brings me drinks with little umbrellas in them "Someplace I'd Rather Be" Four Albums You Can't Live Without: (Albums? How long has this meme been circulating??) I think I'm about to admit to being terminally unhip or uncool or un-whatever-the-current-slang-for-"in"-is. (I'm pretty sure you can't be IN if you don't know what the IN people are calling IN, right? But that's ok.) Anyway, I'm not a music junkie. Most of the time I'd rather sing quietly to myself or just enjoy the quiet, rather than listen to CDs or the radio. And when I DO listen, I have admittedly weird taste in music. I like show tunes, classic Motown, 20 - 40 year old rock, new-ish not-too-twangy country, stuff like that. So I hardly even know what's current in popular music. So ok, that being said, while I can't think of any music I couldn't LIVE without (sheesh!) here are four CDs I'm glad are in my collection: 1. "Rent" soundtrack, various artists 2. "The Incredible Soul Collection", various artists 3. "Greatest Hits", Heart 4. "Fly", Dixie Chicks Four People You'll Pass This On To: 1. Laura 2. Sarah 3. Deirdre 4. Arlee Anyone who has read RSR for a while knows my philosophy about tagging people for memes. I personally love to do memes and like getting tagged, and I would be thrilled if any or all of you reading this posted your answers on your blog and linked back here. But some people hate them and I don't want to inadvertently tag a MemeHater and make you feel like I've invited you to a party, only to have you realize after you arrive that all the other guests are Jehovah's Witnesses, political campaigners, and door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmen with a quota to meet. So if you want to play, leave me a comment saying "Meme Me!" and for the first four people to do so (assuming there ARE four or more...heh), I'll change one of the "you"s above to your name and a link to your blog. Whatta deal! Update: As of the 10th of January I've had 4 tag requests, so you'll find the links above. But if you see this meme and want to play, please, by all means, STEAL IT!!