Saturday, December 31, 2005

Knock Three Times On the Ceiling if You Read This

(Twice on the pipes means you don't want to know.) I'm determined to make my last post of 2005 partially quilt-related but you have to wait until the end to see what I mean. Until then, I feel the need to blather about a couple of other things. We Are Family My family has been trying to get together all in one place for weeks now and someone is always sick or out of town or busy or whatever, but yesterday we managed it. Yay! We all met at Royal Taj in Cincinnati and talked and laughed and ate Indian food (except for Josh, AKA Mr. Picky, who was unimpressed with his first exposure to Indian food...sorry Josh!) Clockwise from the left: Josh, me, Johnny, Merle, Dad, Andy, Sandy, Mark, Amber Amber is the family's next generation artist and does some wonderful drawings. (I'll have to see if she'll let me post some here sometime.) One of the things she does is draw "tattoos" on herself and her brother with magic markers when she gets bored. Here's what she was sporting on her arm yesterday: Amber's Celtic cross Honey I'm Still Free..."Take a Chance on Me" Ok, I may be cheap, but I'm not free. And actually, J might argue the cheap thing. But how could I resist continuing the '70's music-inspired sub-headers? When I posted my list of favorite books yesterday, I mentioned that I expected to finish one more before the year ended and I did. Last night I finished "Take a Chance on Me" by Susan Donovan and I loved it! It would SO have made my list if I'd waited one more day. Screwball romantic comedy and one of the main characters is a Chinese Crested hairless dog named Hairy. Too TOO funny. Fill my Eyes with that Double Vision (Here's where the quilt content comes in!) Remember a while back when I said I would award a prize to the 33,333rd visitor to RSR? And remember it turned out to be Caity? Well Caity's prize quilt is finished! Yay! Pic is below and clickable of you want to see it larger, but I'll put in a spoiler space in case Caity doesn't want to see it before it arrives at her house. S P O I L E R S P A C E "In Search of the Perfect Bra" (15" x 12") by DebR Hope you like it, Caity!