Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Self-Portrait Tuesday: Reflections, Week 4

For the final week of the Reflections theme, I'm sharing photos that are about Nesting I'm snug at home, surrounded by memories. Peering into the mirror of a yard sale find dresser, my mother's antique lamp in front of me and one of my childhood photos over my shoulder. EDKSky wants to see what I'm doing. As I look into a mantle inherited from J's "second mom", I see a portrait of my great-grandparents. People tell me I look like her. (That's a glimpse of one of my paintings at the bottom of the photo.) My reflection in a bathroom mirror, feeling blue... ...but all wrapped up for freshness! (Technical note: I put blue plastic wrap - deliberately somewhat wrinkled - over the mirror for those last two shots.) This has been a fun SPT month. Looking forward to hearing what the theme is for January!