Thursday, December 22, 2005

Project Runway

Usual Spoiler Alerts Apply! Ok, ok, I wasn't sure I was going to dish on PR today, but just for Deborah...well, not JUST for Deborah, the rest of you can read it too if you's my take on last night's epi of PR. What the bloody hell were the designers thinking??? I thought the so-called lingerie was ugly right across the board except for Daniel V's, who won. His wasn't really ugly, it was just boring. It looked like stuff that was already out there available for sale. Go to Wal-Mart, buy a black teddy. Swing through the men's dept. for a striped tie. Cut the collar and cuffs off one of your hubby's shirts and TaaDaaa! Designer lingerie. Diana's looked like it should be on the cover of a soft-core porn novel. I actually kind of wish she'd won. Hers was ugly and looked uncomfortable, but at least it was ugly and uncomfortable in an original sort of way. Tim was right on the money when he said Daniel F's line looked like something Joan Collins would wear. Poor Daniel. I actually think he has potential, but this was not a good venue for him. I wish he'd listened more to Tim and to his team, who all really tried to warn him. And Santino? Sweet merciful Zeus. Santino's line looked like they should be costumes for the new Broadway musical "Heidi the Crack Whore". Not Heidi Klum. Heidi the sweet little Swiss mountain girl who helped Clara the little crippled rich girl find the will to walk again, only in this version Heidi was hopelessly corrupted by her time in the Big City and grew up to lead a life of sad, delusional depravity, selling her struedel on the street to any man, woman, or goat with enough money for a bag of magic feel-good powder. I really thought that based on JUST last night's challenge, Santino should have been the one to go. I thought his designs were by far the worst and he acted like a real jerk. But I knew it would be Daniel, because Santino has done so well in previous competition and because his horrible, obnoxious personality makes for such dramatic TV. Bleah. If Santino wins in the end, I will not be amused. I hope Daniel can turn this into an opportunity to do something with his designs where they let him take the time to get them right. But I hope that opportunity is not in the field of designing lingerie.

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