Saturday, December 17, 2005

Spotted Horse Spotted

I had a visitor yesterday afternoon. Take a look: (Sorry for the lousy photo quality. I was taking the picture through the window by the sewing machine - screen and all!) This is my sort-of neighbor's* horse and he's quite the escape artist, and when he escapes he always seems to come here. Sometimes I think I see more of this horse than his "mom" does! Ironically enough, his name is "Traveler". This time he brought a friend with him, but I didn't get the friend's photo or name. He (She? Hhmm...really didn't check!) was smaller than Traveler and splotchy-coated, like the horse Little Joe used to ride on Bonanza. I thought (s)he was kind of cute, but my dogs were unimpressed. Yesterday I mentioned the way the posts, beams, and supports of our raggedy old barn are all joined with wooden pegs instead of nails. Here's a photo to try to show you what I mean: The sharp pointy thing is one end of the peg; the other side that doesn't show in the photo is flat and flush against the wood. The old log cabin that was on our property when we bought it (which we reluctantly took down because it had been neglected so long it was no longer safe) had those same sort of wooden peg joints in the oldest section. And finally, here's a photo I took from inside the barn, with the light shining through the boards. The photo isn't that good in and of itself, but much like the tomato cage pic from yesterday I see design possibilities in the lines of this one. Hhmmm... I took a few other photos in the barn yesterday afternoon too, but I'll save those for another time. Don't get too excited now! [snort!] *"sort-of" neighbor meaning that if you go by the roads she lives several miles away, but if you go overland, through fields and woods, our properties back up to each other, so she probably lives no more than a mile away as the crow flies, if that.