Friday, December 16, 2005

Crazy Lady Takes Snow Pics in PJs (news at 11)

I woke up to snow this morning. Not a lot, maybe an inch or so - just enough to cover the ground - and it's already starting to melt, which is fine with me. I don't mind a little snow now and then, but all in all I'm not a fan of the stuff. Too cold, too wet, too slippery, too likely to trap me here on my middle-of-nowhere hillside. But of course I had to immediately grab the camera and run outside for some photo ops before it started to melt. I did the entire photo shoot in my PJs, fuzzy robe, and a quickly pulled-on pair of shoes. There are some advantages to living in the middle of nowhere! I posted my choice for this week's Photo Friday topic in its own little post, but here are three other shots I liked a lot. All are clickable if you want to see them larger in a new window. Barn and holly I can never remember what type of holly bush this is. It isn't the type I think of as "typical" Christmas holly, with the very jaggedy leaves, but it is holly, nevertheless. Some years it's loaded down with berries, but this year not so much. One of these days I need to take some photos inside our barn. The outside is ratty-looking but the inside, well, actually it's ratty-looking too, but cool. It's very old and has these massive posts and beams that are all held together with wooden pegs - no nails! Tomato cages on a cart Sometimes being a slob and not getting things put away where they belong can be a Good Thing. Or at least it can turn into interesting photo. Tomato cages close-up I'm actually feeling inspired to perhaps do something quilty based on this one. I love the lines.