Wednesday, December 14, 2005

To Sleep, (or NOT!), Perchance to Dream...of Sports??

Does anyone else out there have a problem with Full Moon Insomnia? Some people laugh when I tell them I can barely sleep during the days surrounding a full moon, but it's true. It's not a problem with the light. Even if I'm in a really dark room it's like I can feel it pulling at me...calling to me. I love the full moon, really I do. When the weather is warm I love to sleep outside on a full moon night. Well, what little I sleep on those nights, that is. Heh. When it's winter I love to walk outside under the moonlight, especially when there's snow on the ground. And that's saying something, since I generally don't like snow! But as much as I love the full moon, I wish she'd ease up on me a little. I need to get some sleep. But speaking of sleep (and smooooooth segues), the little bit of time I did sleep night before last I had a really fun dream about a game - or I guess I should say a sport, really. Those who know me well are probably going "huh???" because I. Don't. Do. Sports. Seriously. I adore games - cards, dominoes, board games, etc. But sports? UhUh. Don't play, don't watch, don't care. I did a little of that sort of thing in high school because the school I attended was tiny and boys outnumbered girls, so any girl who had the grades to make the team was practically bludgeoned into playing whether they were any good or not. So I did my time - one year of volleyball and one year of basketball. I sucked rocks at both. And I spent three years as a cheerleader for the boys basketball team. That wasn't so bad, mostly because I can yell really loud when I want to and our school was too small to get into the competetive gymnastics stuff. But for my Physical Education elective in college I took a Folk Dancing class. Seriously. I was actually pretty good at the folk dancing. I was! Anyway, I dreamed I was playing a Team Sport (gasp!) and it was fun! In the dream we were calling this game basketball, but it wasn't. Instead of two baskets there was only one, with both teams trying to score points on the same basket. Whoever touched the ball last before it went in, their team got the point. Plus there were two balls instead of one and they were both in play all the time, so you could either try to get possession of both and make double points, or you could try to use one to knock an opponents ball away from the goal. I don't remember how it all turned out and I have no clue where my brain came up with this idea, but I want to see someone really play it! In a totally unrelated note, I got something in the mail today from my friend Morven, who lives in New Zealand and it had the prettiest stamp on it! It was a "Narnia" stamp, showing Lucy and Aslan. There are photos on the NZ postal service website if you want to see.

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