Friday, December 09, 2005

Simple Still Life: Month the Fourth, Part the First

It's that time again. Here's a link to the guidelines for this month: Simple Still Life: December: Capture the Light And here's what I came up with as started photos. I'll show you all of them in case I change my mind about what I'm working with for the month. Stained glass lamp glowing on the desk in front of a quilt by Nancy Kitchen A roaring fire, view 1 A roaring fire, view 2 (The difference in color in those last two isn't Photoshop tweaking, it's just a difference in where I focused and the camera settings.) Bubble night light - this is getting closer to what I was after Portion of bubble night light - extreme close-up. I like all of these, but at this point the last one interests me the most and will probably be what I work with later in the month, although I reserve the right to change my mind between now and then. ;-) I'm bummed bubble night light no longer bubbles. Now it just quietly glows. Thanks for all the well-wishes over the past couple of days. I'm feeling much better this morning!

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