Saturday, December 03, 2005

Disorderly Conduct?

I feel sure I had something to say today. Really. But do I have a freakin' clue what it was? No. Sorry. Maybe it'll come to me later. In the meantime, you get to see this photo of my cheering section as I was editing and uploading yet more "self-portraits in a reflective surface" photos as potential Self-Portrait Tuesday posts. I'm up to 17 now and there are only 4 Tuesdays in December. Even if I do photo essays instead of single photo posts, this could be getting just a teeeeeensy bit out of hand. I may have to start a Reflective-Photo-A-Day feature for December or something. I have a feeling y'all are going to be very sick of seeing my face before the month is over! EvilDemonKittySky and Riley, patiently waiting One of the photos I tried to take yesterday was a reflection of myself in a shoe store display window. Wouldn't that have been great? Unfortunately it didn't work out. The light was all wrong. But since I stood there taking photos of their window (and I figure the employees were probably wondering what the hell I was doing!) I figured it was only polite to go in there and look around. Ahem. I saw two pairs of clogs and was sooooo close to bringing one or both pairs home with me. Both were suede and one pair was periwinkle blue while the other was lime green. YUM! But they were on clearance and the only size they had left was actually a half-size above what I usually wear. They felt good, but if they stretched out at all, they'd be horridly sloppy and I'd be walking out of them all the time which would just be annoying, so I regretfully put them back on the shelf and walked out of there with just my bad photo and the shreds of my dignity. But I'm still thinking longingly of those lime green ones this morning. Sigh. I found this quiz through Rachel's blog and it totally cracked me up. I can't even argue with it. It's all too true. What's Your Disorder? HASH(0x8cb9688) Over-optimistic Okay. You're a prep. That's pretty much it in a nutcase. Nothing is ever wrong in your world, Miss America! It's all butterflies and Sunshine. It's just dandy and perfect and yummy like honey-covered chocolate cream-puffs! Kittens and puppies and little birdies all roam around in your head. *Wake up!* What's Your Disorder? brought to you by Quizilla Think I'll take my kitties and puppies and little birdies and go sew now. Seriously. Stop laughing!