Saturday, November 26, 2005

Comments on Comments: November

I'm going to take the lazy way out and post a general reply to comments from the past few days rather than typing similar things over and over again to individuals. That works, yes? 1. Thanks to everyone who liked my last Self-portrait Tuesday post! :::beam::: I confess I really liked that series too. I often cringe at photos of myself, but now and then they work. And I'm getting better about it since posting so darn many of the things on this blog!! I took those photos late one afternoon at the end of my walk. I glanced toward the Upper Pond on our place and noticed how very green it looked that day and how clearly it reflected the trees and sky, and thought the light looked good for photos so I went down there and played with the camera for a while and those were my favorites of the many shots I snapped. Speaking of Self-Portrait Tuesday, I really like the theme Kath has set for December - Reflective Surface: To take an image of yourself in a reflective surface. I think that'll be really fun, and in fact took some photos yesterday afternoon that can work for the theme, so if I decide to use them, you'll see some of those next month. I have no idea what I'm doing for the last week of this month yet. Oops. And for those of you who mentioned coveting my hair, if you mean the color you can have it too, y'know. Just go to the health and beauty section of any store that sells that stuff and buy yourself a bottle of Feria Deep Copper. [grin] I've felt like a redhead on the inside for years and years, but have only made my outside match in the last couple of years. (My eye color is real though.) 2. To those of you who asked how I get so much Good Mail, partly it's because I really do have superfantastic friends who are very, very nice to me. I hope I'm nice to them in return. I try to be! But also, I get a lot of mail because of getting involved in bARTer - art swaps, both group swaps and one-on-one arrangements. I love to collect other people's artwork, but unfortunately I have no wiggle room in my budget to buy any but the occasional very small piece. But I'm always open to bARTer my own artwork for others, so when someone likes what I do too, we sometimes work a deal and TaaDaaaa.....Good Mail for both parties! 3. Thanks for all the comments about yesterday's Simple Still Life results. It's interesting how nearly everyone had a different favorite. I don't have a favorite. I liked certain things about all of them, which is the main reason I posted them all rather than narrowing it down to just one or two. I don't know if I'll do anything quilty with them though. For quilts I tend to do a quick "almost incomprehensible to anyone but me" sketch and then go directly to working in fabric. When I do this sort of thing in Photoshop, they feel "finished" to me, like doing the same thing in fabric would be redundant. But never say never...

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