Saturday, November 19, 2005


OMG! I was already excited to get the email from Quilting Arts Magazine a few days ago asking if my little self-portrait quilt could tour with them for a year. But this afternoon the Winter 2005 issue of the mag arrived in my mailbox and my quilt is in there!! It has an entire page all to itself, which means it's shown nearly full-size and they included my entire (admittedly brief!) statement. Yay!! I can't even tell you how exciting that is to me, because the photography and paper quality in that mag are wonderful. My quilt looks yummy! If you're a subscriber, or you want to look at a copy someplace that sells magazines, My Page (~~~twirl~~~) is page 69. (It is proof that I have a very healthy Inner Adolescent Boy that I find the number mildly amusing.) Oh, and by the way....speaking of doing stupid things, I almost didn't submit this quilt to the magazine at all. I made the quilt right after the challenge was issued and then started hearing so many people around the 'net talk about doing the challenge, and started seeing so many fun, colorful, creative, and wonderful quilts being made that I figured sending mine was probably a colossal waste of time and money. In fact, at the time I wrote the following to an email group I belong to:
"Are you guys all still planning to submit your self-portraits to QA mag? I've seen so many people doing these I'm wondering if it's worth the bother of sending mine!!"
I guess that'll teach me to think. They all said "yes, ya big dummy, go ahead and send it", so I did and now here I am looking at myself staring back from a fabulicious photo spread. Ya just never know... Sunday P.S. Once I stopped gazing raptly at the photo of my work (I'm such a dork!) and looked through the rest of the magazine (hey! there are other photos in there too! imagine that!), I saw that Deborah Boschert's guardian angel doll is pictured in this issue too, both front and back views! (page 85) Yay DebB!!