Friday, November 18, 2005

Two-fer FotoFriday

I'm going to do a quick Two-fer FotoFriday today because I need to run into Lexington in a little while. I have an errand I need to get done and as long as I have to make the drive anyway, I'm going to scope out the various theaters showing the new Harry Potter movie. It's probably a Bad Idea to go on opening day but I have this vague, faint hope that maybe with so many kids in school today that a matinee showing could be do-able. We'll see. If it looks not-too-nighmarish I'll give it a try. If it looks like a total mob scene, I'll say "never mind" (in my best Emily Latella voice), treat myself to a nice lunch and a stop at the book store and head for home. I can always try again in the next couple of weeks. Not like that one won't be playing for a while! Stay tuned... In the meantime, here are a couple of photos I took this week. I literally took this one leaning out my dining room window. As I walked past that window one afternoon a few days ago, in the midst of all our windy, stormy weather, I looked out and noticed what an odd shade of blue the sky was - almost a dirty periwinkle. It was so intense and heavy-looking that if a person matched the shade exactly in a painting or a piece of fiber art, it would come across looking fake. I'm not sure I quite captured the exact color with the camera, but I think I at least managed to capture a slight sense of how strange the light and colors were at that moment. I took this next one yesterday afternoon, after the storms had stopped and the sun came out. I was standing under an old tree at the edge of the woods. The tree is getting taken over by a wild grape vine. We have tons of those here. They're a nuisance plant! The leaves are long gone from the vine, but you can see it still has loads of the teeny-tiny (unbelievably sour!) wild grapes on it. I liked the pattern of the branches against that vivid blue autumn sky. All righty, time for me to get ready to hit the road. Wish me luck! 9:41 AM Update: I checked out some Lex Cinemas online before I even left the house and FUGEDDABOUTIT! I'm going with Plan B - the nice lunch and a stop at the book store. Harry, Hermione, and Ron can wait a few days. (So no spoilers from any of you die-hard fans who are willing to stand in line today y'hear!) NOW I'm out of here. Really. Seriously...

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