Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind

I saw the link to this website on the SBTB blog and went to have a look. My reaction? "Uuuuhhhh.....I have no response for that." (Except, of course, to post the link here!) If you decide to go have a look, (and you really, really should!), I would advise backing away from the beverages first. I got my copy of the "I Remember Mama" book in the mail this past Saturday. Yay! My quilt, "Pride and Joy" is on page 117. The photographer and printer both did an excellent job! At first glance I thought my quilt had bee reproduced with the color just a shade too dark, but when I took my quilt out and looked at it, it turned out to be my memory that was faulty. (Big shock...NOT!) The photo in the book is dead-on accurate. Yay again! I know lots of you have seen the Frappr map for the AQ blog ring and the QuiltArt email group. And hopefully members of those groups have added themselves to the map. But I decided I wanted my own map for readers of Red Shoe Ramblings. So if you want to let me know you're out there, go to the RSR Frappr Map and show me your shoes! (Or socks...Frank had to be different. [grin]). (Even if you don't have a digicam and can't upload a shoe pic, I'd still love to see you raise a flag on the RSR map.)

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