Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Self-Portrait Tuesday: Deb as Reader

It's the last week for the November theme of "exploration of identity". This week I wanted to show my love of books. I don't ever remember not knowing how to read and I don't ever remember it not being a major part of my life. When I Read When I read, I slip outside myself. The world-that-is dissolves and I can be anyone anywhere anytime. When I read, I can meet people long turned to dust and people who never existed outside a writer's mind. When I read, I can slay vampires or love them. When I read, I can sail on the Titanic and come safely home again. When I read, I can see into the minds of poets, killers, lovers, leaders, followers, artists, explorers, visionaries, fools. When I read, I can climb a great pyramid or see what lies inside. When I read, I can solve crimes, scale mountains, taste glory, ride on a dragon's back. When I read, I can imagine another road traveled; another life lived. When I read, I can soar to infinite other worlds and never spill my coffee. Well...almost never.