Friday, November 25, 2005

Simple Still Life: Month the Third, Part the Second

I did my usual Phun with Photoshop dealie for this month's assignment (one of these days I really should do something else, just to show I can!). This post is very photo-intensive so I'll extend my apologies to those on dial-up because it'll probably take a while to load. If you want to see the pics badly enough to wait, you might want to go get yourself a cup of tea or coffee or something. I'll wait. Lalalaaalalaaaaa....(That's the "hold" music"....nice, yes?) Back already? Wow, that was fast! Ok then, here we go... As you might recall, I posted three photos at the beginning of the month - two that actually followed the "five things alike" theme for this month's assignment (Simple Still Life: Round Three Challenge Guidelines), and one that cheated a bit by having 7 things. I know I could have cropped the photo down to 5, but I liked having 7. Anyway, I decided to experiment at least a little with all three photos, just for the creative practice. Here is one photo I started with - the one that was the least interesting, in my opinion: 5 Spools of Thread And here is my "abstracted beyond recognition" version of it: 5 Spools of Thread in an Alternate Dimension Here is beginning photo number two: 5 Mini-Vases And the first altered version: In the first I didn't change much about the basic photo beyond boosting the color saturation level, but then I used a filter to fracture and rearrange things, almost like one of those sliding tile puzzles I liked so much as a child and used another filter to add a "sunspot". and the second altered version: The second one was more about playing with color (or lack thereof) and line and trying to make it look less photographic and more moody and expressive. The result has an almost antique-y feel to me. Finally, here is my original "cheater" photo: 7 Shirts on a Line (I still really love this photo for some reason!) And here is: 7 Shirts on a Line in a Nightmare 7 Shirts on a Line in a Maxfield Parrish-y sort of world 7 Shirts...or is there? Hhhhmmm.... 7 Shirts: Back to the Basics, but with a twist or two (Obviously I really like my off-set filter! snort!) This month's assignment was interesting. Thanks, Debra! I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next.