Sunday, November 27, 2005


Take a look at what my friend Sally Anne sent via email yesterday afternoon. She was inspired to get creative with one of my Simple Still Life photos and this is the result: eXYLOration by Sally Anne Stephen Isn't that fun? Thanks Sally Anne! :-) Not much news from Gobbler Knob this morning. I did, in fact, brave the crowds yesterday to do a little shopping - mostly because I needed groceries, but I also did a little Christmas shopping while I was out. J was out of town and that allowed me to buy a couple of things for him and sneak them in and hide them before he got home. (Yes, J, if you read this, there are gifts in the house for you. No snooping!) The crowds weren't actually quite as bad as I'd thought they would be, but the lines were long. Now I'm dithering about whether I want to decorate the house for Christmas or let it slide this year. I've neverever in my adult life not done at least a little seasonal something, but this year I'm not so sure I'm up for it. But if I don't break out ye olde Santa Collection, and the nativity set, and put up a tree, will I be sorry to have missed it all come January? Hhhhmmm. Decisions, decisions... Whatever I decide, I'm sure y'all will hear all about it. {snort!}

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