Sunday, December 04, 2005

Confetti-Tossing Time! (and bird-seed-tossing time, evidently...)

My nephew, Josh, turns 15 today so I have to start out wishing him Happy Birthday! One view of Josh in this picture was when he was 18 days old and he's lying on a baby quilt I made for him. (Look - quilt content! HA!) The other shot was taken when he was 5,448 days old. They grow up so fast. (sniff) Josh, hope you have a great day! And that you don't whomp me upside the head for posting this. Heh. And speaking of quilt content, here's a quilt I made yesterday. This one is going to Dee McDonald: "Red Hot 2: Confetti" (11" x 8.5") by not-too-neurotic DebR I thought this one stayed more in FestivePartyGoerLand. It was, in fact, inspired by a long-ago New Year's Eve party. Let me explain... The main part of the shoes is made with velveteen and the straps and bows are taffeta. Both those fabrics are from a dress I wore to the previously mentioned New Year's Eve party about a million years ago. Ok, maybe 12 years ago, give or take a year or two. I lose track. Anyway, I loved that dress. It was just above knee-length and the body of the dress was a princess-seamed sheath in the red velveteen and it also had long, straight sleeves in the same fabric. There was an off-the-shoulder portrait wrap collar in the red taffeta. I had sexy red spike-heeled pumps too. (Not as cute as the shoes in the quilt, but nice.) Those lasted through exactly one dance set. Then I kicked them off, dug into the tote bag I'd brought with me, and spent the rest of the party dancing the night away in my hot red cocktail dress and a pair of fringed red cowboy boots. Yeah, baby! The dress doesn't fit anymore (sigh), but I still have the red pumps AND those fringed boots. And what's the deal with the bird-seed tossing part of the subject line you may wonder? That's how I started my morning! Lucky me! As I was stumbling around, half-awake, trying to make coffee, feed the furkids, etc., I scooped up a big ol' coffee-can full of birdseed to fill the bird feeders, turned around, and tripped over my own feet, managing to whack the can against the edge of the refrigerator in the process. The judges gave it an 8.2. They said my landing needed work. (Don't worry, I'm fine!) So I didn't so much drop the can as THRoW it, and the contents scattered in a nice wide arc. I swept it up as best I could, but I have no doubt whatsoever that I'll be fishing stray bird seeds out of odd corners for weeks. I really need to somehow arrange a caffeine IV in the mornings, before I attempt difficult tasks like getting out of bed and walking.