Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Cat With Good Taste (Not the cat who tastes good...sheesh!)

Well, I'm still alive. Yay! I'm still not feeling quite myself, but alive is Good. I haven't been able to bring myself to try the neti pot, but I made it as far as getting it out of the cabinet and putting it on the counter near the sink, where I am forced to see it crouching there, lurking and leering evilly every time I walk into the kitchen. I consider that progress, of sorts. I've been snorting Zicam instead. It's something to do. Thanks for all the comments yesterday and at some point I may even get around to responding individually. It could happen! Meanwhile, I wanted to show you something. A little while ago I bought a small piece of artwork from the superfantastic Sonji and it arrived yesterday, which was a very nice bright spot in my day, "bright spot" being both figurative and literal in this case! I'd gotten a frame in anticipation of it's arrival and as I as getting ready to take a photo, I had a "helper" who would NOT leave. Every time I chased him down, he'd hop back up before I could snap a picture. I guess that just proves EDKSky has good taste, yes? "Bundle Study 55" by Sonji Hunt, with a cool handmade card and an admirer Close-up of the card (since you can see a close-up of the Bundle Study on Sonji's sale site). Sorry for the glare. I haven't decided yet where my new SonjiArt will hang, but I love it. Thanks Sonji! Ok, J has a lovely fire going in the fireplace, so I'm off to snort some more Zicam and sip some tea (Lady Grey, hot) and curl up with a book.