Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Self-Portrait Tuesday: Reflections, Week 1

Oh my. As I've mentioned a time or two before, my problem for December's SPT theme isn't figuring out what to do. It's figuring out what NOT to do, since I already have 17 potential photos for this theme and it's only the first week. So I've decided to break it down into some different themes - photos that relate to each other somehow, if only in my own mind, and feature a different group of photos each week. This week is about being... On The Outside, Looking In I see myself in the curve of the lock, distorted... ...and as a barely visible reflection in my front door, my shadow a stronger presence than my reflection. I try a window on one side of the house, but my face is murky, still hardly seeming real. The view past my reflection and out the other side of the house is more clear than what I see of myself here. But walk around to the other side, relax against the porch rail, and there I am, with a friend looking out at the world from the other side of the glass.

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