Monday, December 05, 2005

It Was Meant To Be. Really.

Hi. I'm Deb and I'm a Shoe Addict. ("Hi Deb!") I'm weak, y'all, that's all there is to it. After I very sensibly did not buy the funky-colored clogs I mentioned a couple of days ago, I dreamed about them. Literally! And being a weak Shoe Addict, I naturally took that dream as a sign from Heaven that I was supposed to have bought those shoes. Plus Debra had such a darn good idea about the socks!! So yesterday I went back to the shoe store. I decided before I left the house that I'd leave it up to fate. There'd only been one pair left in each color that was kinda-sorta my size when I first saw them. If they were both gone, then it wasn't meant to be. But if one or both were still there, well... You can see what happened. So, ok...I admit clogs aren't all pointy-toed and leg-lengthening and sexy. The Manolo probably wouldn't approve, and neither would the Clinton and Stacy. But they're as comfy as house slippers and I adore the colors and they were on clearance, PLUS the store was running a "take an extra 40% off sale", so really, they were practically giving them away. On a platter. With a cherry on top! What red-blooded woman could resist?! Not me. Well, at least not twice. If anyone ever nominates me for "What Not To Wear", I'm hiding these clogs from Clinton and Stacy. And look what else I found while I was there: Black suede bag with Boho-inspired bead-and-embroidery trim, 25% off The weird thing is I went to that store in the first place specifically looking for a new winter purse and didn't find a thing. Then I went back for the poor, neglected, abandoned shoes I'd cruelly left behind, to rescue them before they got so sad they lost all their color...and there was The Purse. Right size. Right shape. Great accent colors. Shiny trim. (oooooh, shiny!) I ask you, where was that purse the first time I went in there?? I can't believe I'd have overlooked it. So maybe the dream wasn't luring me back to the store for the shoes at all. Maybe I was meant to go back and find the purse! Ah HA! But I bought the shoes anyway. Both pairs. My feet are happy. Merry Christmas to me!