Saturday, December 10, 2005

Woodsy Winter Walk

Yesterday afternoon, instead of doing our usual more-or-less "civilized" walk, J and I decided to take a little hike back through the fields and down around through the woods along the border of our property. It was, perhaps, not a super-smart move for someone who had been sick the past couple of days, but the air felt so crisp and clean and I was going stir-crazy inside, so I did it. I choose to believe it'll make me feel better, not worse. HA! I took the camera along, looking for interesting shapes and textures in the woods. Wanna see what I found? Good! Take a look... Wild grape vines and a small oak tree Inside a hollow tree trunk (I really like this one) Trees along the creek Leaves in ice Weird creepy face in a tree Do you see it? How about now? Or do you think it looks more like a frog that's gone "splat" against the trunk? Or do you think I need therapy? Don't answer that. I also had a package from Deb Lacativa arrive in the Big Brown Truck yesterday. When I saw the price on her remaining Velvet Lash scarves I couldn't resist. This one is called "Caribbean": Ok, maybe I look like a recovering plague zombie, but doesn't the scarf look pretty? Hey, I just noticed before I logged off last night that my Weather Pixie (in the blog sidebar) now has a decorated Christmas tree. Yay Weather Pixie! It's more than I've done for seasonal decorating. Heh.

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