Thursday, December 22, 2005

Pirate Power and a Cover Copy Caper

Pirate Power! Speaking of Deirdre (well, I was yesterday), look what arrived in the mail from her: Pirate in a Bottle I felt sorry for him, so I had to get him out of there. Thanks Deirdre! He's hanging out on 'puter desk now, near my mermaid and he seems happy. And she seems quite impressed with his broadsword. Ahem. Vote for Deb! Maybe. Anyone who has read RSR for a while knows I have trouble resisting writing contests. Well, I've done it again. Over at Smart Bitches Trashy Books, Candy and Sarah issued a challenge to write back cover copy for a non-existent romance novel inspired by one or more SPAM subject lines that have appeared in their inboxes in the past few weeks. The winner gets an Amazon gift certificate, among other things. Well, hello!....Write something silly? A chance to win Amazon bucks? I'm in! There were 13 entries, all fairly brief as one of the rules was to keep entries to less than 250 words. All entries are posted anonymously and winner is based on viewer vote over the next week (until the 28th). So since I'm sure no one has anything important to do this week [SNORT!] I thought I'd post the link in case y'all want to read them. I thought all the entries were pretty funny. I am, of course, hoping that any RSR readers who check them out will like mine best and vote for it, but I'm going to play fair and not tell you which one is mine. I'll just trust that its wonderful, magnificent cleverness will shine through and win your heart. Or something. Heh. Interested? Click here: SBTB Spam and Cover Copy Contest Vote early. Vote often! Vote for ME!!