Friday, December 23, 2005


This'll be brief today as I have a bunch of stuff to get done, but thanks to those who read the writing contest entries. So far no one has guessed mine! (Sorry, Amy. That's ok though. Hehehe.) I wanted to show y'all what arrived in my mailbox yesterday from Gerrie: You can't really tell in the photo, but under all that feathery fluff, the toe of the shoe is not only red, but also glittery and sparkly. I want a full-size pair of these!! (Although I have NO CLUE where I'd wear them, as I don't generally lead a sparkly feather-trimmed red high-heeled mule sort of life. But still. Yum!) Thanks Gerrie!! And for Sarah and Jen, who wanted to see more of the quilt I flashed at you in my little video clip a couple of days ago, I took the photo of the shoe ornament on the quilt. There ya go! [grin] Ok, ok, that was mean of me. I know that wasn't what you had in mind. I'll share more pics of the quilt soon, honest, but this isn't a wallhanging I can just pin to the design cloth and snap a photo quickly. This puppy is destined for my queen-size bed when it's finished, so it's BIG. Think Mastiff, not Chihuahua. (Not sure how I got onto the puppy analogy, but might as well go with it!) So don't expect much in the way of pics until it IS finished because setting up to photo a quilt that large is a PITA. And I don't mean pocket-bread.