Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Big Red Flower and Big Blonde Hair

Check out what arrived in my mailbox yesterday afternoon: "Red Amaryllis" by Frances Caple Frances already showed a pic on her blog, but I thought I'd share one anyway in case anyone is stopping by here that didn't see it there. This is the quilt I received in trade for the little angry hooker shoe quilt I made. Thank you, Frances! It's loverly! And now for a totally unrelated (and somewhat less loverly) topic, a couple of days ago Laurie, AKA Crazy Aunt Purl, was talking about '80's hair and clothes and shared some of her pics from high school. She was talking in particular about '80's Big Hair. The 1980's weren't high school years for me. They were college years, early working years, partying with the gal pals years. After seeing Laurie's photos I had a look through some of my photo albums and couldn't find a lot of bad outfits. That doesn't mean I didn't HAVE bad outfits, mind you. I have vivid memories of some of them. But somehow I seem to have had the good sense to not be photographed in all that many of them. But the hair. Omigawd, the HAIR. I remember my mid-'80's cut. I LOVED that cut. The basic shape wasn't all that different from what I have now - a sort of shoulder length blunt cut. the '80's version I had bangs. VeryVery LARGE bangs. And I was blonde. And I used a big vent brush, and a blow dryer, and mousse, and lots of hairspray to put volume in that hair. No, that's not quite right. I didn't put volume in it, I put VOLUME in it. See for yourself (and please, Sandy, don't kill me for including you in my didn't look as bad as I did!): The Keeton sisters, Deb and Sandy, 1987 Note the arrows showing the difference in height between my head and my hair. Hey, by 1987 standards, I was HOT. That was some Good Hair! And note the semi-matching, virginal pink and white outfits. I think that's a nice touch, don't you? I hear the '80's look could be on it's way back in, but I hope it isn't true. It's been 20 years and I don't think I'm strong enough to hold up that much hair anymore.