Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Monday Sketch on Tuesday

My stooooopid 'net server was down for the past 24 hours and is a little iffy still yet so I'm trying to upload this quick like a bunny before it goes down again so that I can stick with my resolution of a creative something a day. I did this quick sketch last night as I was watching the TV show "Medium". The character of Alison and her hubby were having a talk and I grabbed the sketch pad and pencil and told myself to draw her only as long as the scene lasted. When the scene ended I was to put down the pencil and stick a fork in it - call it finished...no fussing or "fixing". This is what I ended up with: "Alison" the Medium I don't think it looks much like her, but that's ok. It was an interesting exercise for me since I tend to get a bit on the perfectionist side when I draw, so it was good to make myself stop with a quick line impression.