Sunday, January 01, 2006

Me and Discipline? We're Like Sisters.

I mentioned yesterday that I'm not much of one for making New Year's resolutions. I think it's a little bit like making lists - either you're a list-maker or you're not, and either you're a resolution-maker or you're not. I'm not sure I've ever met anyone in between. (Yeah, sure, go right ahead and tell me you're in between and spoil my perfectly good theory. PartyPooper!) I am a list-maker - big time! But I'm not a resolution-maker. Which is not to say I never resolve to make changes in my life. But to me, making all sorts of promises for changes large and small all on one day makes them seem too overwhelming and I feel like I'm dooming myself to fail before I even start. So I just don't do it. But this year, I made a resolution of sorts. At least I made a commitment which, since it starts today, feels like a resolution. I decided, inspired by the group Daily Devotions - 365 Days in a Life, to commit to doing some sort of creative thing every single day, whether it's a photo, a sketch, a fiber piece...whatever. It doesn't have to be large. It doesn't have to be serious. (And with me I can pretty much guarantee that at least some of it won't be!) It doesn't have to be especially good, although it would certainly be nice if at least some of it is good! I just want to see if I can discipline myself to include a little art in every day. Did I say "discipline"? Oh geeze, I did, didn't I? Discipline and I are not always the best of friends y'know. But I'm going to try. Stupid Discipline. She's such a bitch. Oh. Um, I guess that isn't really in the spirit of trying. Ok, let's try this again. Yo, Discipline! You're looking really nice today! Is that a new hairstyle? I love your shoes! (See...I'm trying. HA!) ANYWAY, hopefully most of the photos, drawing, etc. will be things I can post here so that I can include a photo or illustration on my blog every day in 2006. Since I'm already pretty consistent about writing every day, I'm hoping that tying the two together will keep me motivated to stick with doing something visually creative every day too. We shall see! Hammonds Road Train Tracks I've always loved the look of this particular stretch of tracks as it disappears into the tunnel. This view says "journey" to me. Somehow that seemed like an appropriate image to start a new year and a new resolution. I hope you'll all come along for the ride.