Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Weekly Project Runway Dish Session: The Party Dress Challenge

I'm typing this just minutes after PR has ended US EST, so if you're in a different time zone or you're a TiVo addict the usual spoiler warnings apply! * * * * * * * * * * Well, not as bad as last week, right? There were some garments on the runway this week that didn't make me want to gouge my eyes out. In fact, there were a few I actually LIKED! WooHoo!! I still wasn't altogether happy with the judging though. My favorite dress didn't win. I liked Nick's dress best by far and think Nicky H would have looked fabulous in it. It had that classic movie star glamour look, but with some interesting updates. I'm still rooting for Nick to win it all! I liked Chloe's design a lot too, and (a bit to my surprise!) Andrae's and Daniel's. I loved the top half of Diana's but the bottom part was hideous. I still think Diana has some really cool ideas going on in that little head of hers, but I wonder if she has the experience to pull 'em out when she needs them. Santino's dress was ok, but I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not crazy about his style in general. Even the times he's won (like tonight! See....spoiler! HA!), or come close to winning, my reaction to his designs tends to be "okaaayy....that's interesting". I get that he's more original than some of the others, but his designs seem too fussy to me. Like they have too much STUFF going on all the time. And I can never figure out what sort of body type he thinks he's designing for because his garments seem, to my eyes, to have very odd silhouettes. His winning design this time around was, for me, the opposite of Diana's - I loved the bottom half of Santino's dress, but hated the over-intricate top. How ironic then that poor little Guadalupe got ragged on by the judges for that very thing - having too much STUFF going on in a single garment. Not that I disagree, mind you. That dress was BAD. If Nicky had chosen that she'd totally have ended up featured on Go Fug Yourself someday soon. But still, I'm just sayin', it hardly seems fair or consistent. I wasn't happy about who got sent home this week either. Last episode I felt like Santino's garments were the worst, but Daniel F got sent home because Santino provided more drama. This week I think Guadalupe, who got sent home, DID, in fact make the ugliest dress, but I felt like it was a rip-off that she lost and Marla stayed since Marla is clearly totally CLUELESS and the only reason her dress looked at all better than G's is because she copied the shape of a dress Nicky H already owned! So it's like she was rewarded for cheating. But just like last time, I bet that was mostly the producer's doing. If they keep CluelessMarla on to wander around the work room looking lost, it creates a lot more drama than Guadalupe going more-or-less competently about her business. I know it's unrealistic of me, but I really wish the eliminations were based truly on the judges' scores and not on who the producers think will make people write the snarkiest blog entries the next day. Heh. And next week they're teaming up Marla-and-Diana, and Kara-and-Zulema to work on projects together? Sweet Merciful Zeus. It's gonna be scary, people.