Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mail: The Agony and the Ecstasy; and Hor-O-Scope

Yesterday had a mail theme of sorts. No, no, not a Male theme, a MAIL theme. Get your mind out of the gutter! (You don't really have to if you don't want to. My mind spend a lot of time there and it's not nearly as bad a place as the vicious rumors would have you believe.) Where was I? Oh yeah... I finally had working email again. Yay!! Do you know how badly I was going into withdrawal on Monday when I couldn't post a blog entry and couldn't access email? I was practically convulsing. I kept wandering in to look at the computer and check my 'net connection, hoping for a miracle, and when I saw that same cold, cruel error message I'd sort of paw at the keyboard and whimper like a lost puppy. It was sad and pitiful. Big thanks to TechieGuys Darren and Pat for their help! I went to the post office to mail Caity's quilt (it went airmail, Caity, so I'm hoping it'll get to your end in a week or so) and hopefully to buy some 2 cent stamps to eke out the last of my 37 cent ones when the price goes up in a few days. Only that part didn't work out because the man at the PO said they'd sold out of 2 cent stamps the first hour they opened. Now presumably whoever (whomever?? I can NEVER remember that rule!) is in charge of ordering stamps for that post office, which just happens to be the PO in the county seat and therefore the main branch in this county, would have known about the coming price increase well before most customers, yes? Certainly well before me anyway, since I tend to sort of blunder through life with my mouth full and my nose in a book, hoping people will step out of the way before I bump into them, and chairs will magically appear beneath my ass when I start to sit, or that if they don't the ground will be relatively dry and comfy, and do you think I could have made this sentence just a BIT longer if I'd really, truly tried? So wouldn't you think the postmaster would have, oh, I don't know, maybe ordered a big honkin' load of 2 cent stamps well before this week? Yeah, I'd have thought so too. Just goes to show how much we know! I probably should have bought some of the new 39 cent ones while I was there, but I didn't. I think I'll wander by the Ewing PO tomorrow or the next day and see if the postmaster there had better sense and if so I'll buy the new stamps there too. I expect better things of Ewing because the postmaster there is a woman with red hair. HA! Then in the afternoon, when our mail was delivered, I found a couple of bits of Good Mail - a card from Pam and some potential collage-making stuff from Joanne. Way fun! Thanks ladies! You made my mailbox and me happy! It seemed fitting to make my art du jour fit the mail theme. "Rural Route" And no (since I bet someone will ask), none of those are my mailbox. I noticed them as I was sitting in the parking lot of a nearby mom-n-pop country store, waiting for J to buy something and I loved the shadow of the boxes on the road and the big number "58" on the one box. Hor-O-Scope Time! That fabulous astrologer to the stars (we ARE stars, yes??), Crazy Aunt Purl, has posted her monthly Hor-O-Scopes for January. Here's mine:
PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20) Your scars are a legend of the places you've been, the roadmap of adventures you have had. The deeper your scars go, the more you need to use them as signposts and monuments to your personal travels. You've seen this month's pitfalls before. Look clearly at your emotional compass and you'll see you're about to run right back into a dead end. The upside is that I caught you just in time, and if you stop, and do a little turn to the left or right, you'll be off in a new direction. Pick your next steps carefully, especially around the new moon on the 29th. Your choices will color the coming months, and you'll either be repeating history or charting new territory.
These are always a blast to read. But, ok, honestly? Not sure where to go with this one. Which pitfalls are they? What if my emotional compass has been rendered kerflooey by a rogue magnet? What if I turn to the left or right only to realize that I LIKE the history I would have repeated better than the new territory?? Nope, this requires too much thought. I'm gonna stuff some chocolate in my mouth, pick up a book, and blunder merrily on my way, hoping for the best.