Friday, January 06, 2006

Simple Still Life: Month the Fifth, Part the First

Simple Still Life: January's Simple Still: 2 alike 3 different The assignment for January is to set up a still life with 5 objects - 2 alike, 3 different. As usual, I took several photos. I have it narrowed down to two that I like a lot. I'll post them both since I'm not sure which one I'll end up playing with in the end. Both are a little unusual for me in that there's very little color. I freely admit to being a total color junkie, but this time Texture was calling my name and she was calling it loudly enough to drown Color right out. The little hussy. Don't worry, Color, it's still you I love best. This is just a fling. I'll always come back to you. (smooch, smooch!) Version one: The weird knobbly stone came from one of the creeks on our property. I love how some of the protrusions on it look so much like little face shapes, echoing the awesome bead that I've had for a while. I keep looking at that bead, but can't decide what to do with it. The bird feather and the two smooth stones (which remind me of eggs) are also things that J or I picked up on our walks around our place. Version two: As you can see, 4 of the 5 things are the same, but I wondered how it would look if I took out the face bead and put in this larger, more colorful mermaid bead. (See, Color, I was thinking of you the whole time. Well, almost!) The mermaid's breasts echo the shape of the smooth stones, and the curves of her tail remind me of the feather. And I still like how the little face-shaped knobbly things on the larger rock play in because the mermaid in the bead is headless (eeeuuuwww!) but the rock at her feet....uh...flipper?....tail fin?...whatever!...has faces on it. That's got to be something approaching irony, yes? Sometimes I think I need therapy. I've been dithering about whether I think these photos count as my "art a day" thing and have decided they do. I mean hey, I chose and arranged the objects and background, and then framed and edited the photos, all of which required creative decisions. So I'm making a CreativeExecutive decision - they count for both my SSL starter photos and my art du jour. HA!