Wednesday, March 09, 2005

We Have a Winnah!

In the bag sweepstakes, that is. Any of you who have been reading my blog entries know that I've been searching for The Perfect Purse to replace my rapidly fading, but beloved, Laurel Burch fish bag. Just before we left on our trip, I found one I liked online and decided to take a chance and order it. When I was finally (FINALLY!) able to make it to the post office and collect our humongous load of mail, the bag (and, um, a pair of shoes that looked great with it...ahem) were waiting for me. I can't say I think it's The Perfect Purse, but it's Good. It's good enough that I'm willing to give it some time and see how things work out. Here's a pic of the purse, the shoes I ordered along with it (on the left) and a cute pair of flip-flops I picked up the today, even though I can't wear flip-flops. But I WANT to be able to wear flip-flops and these were cheap so I decided to get them and see if I can train my toes. Stay tuned. But I digress...I promised a picture, no? Ok, here ya go. It has beads and sequins, so it can't be all bad. I had to give up the Risky Lime wallet though. It was just too bulky. Now that I've switched back to a smaller wallet in a more boring color, I wonder if the too-small lime green LB fish bag might work. Hmmm.....I haven't sold it yet...may have to check that out! Speaking of shoes, remember my post about the philosophy of packing and how many pairs of shoes are needed for a week-long trip? Well, I just have to note that Johnny thought 1, then agreed probably 2, but between when I wrote that entry and when we left, his total had crept up to 4. Ha! I, on the other hand, thought 21, but managed to whittle it down to 7, and when we left I had 7. Ha HA! Although I came home with 8, so maybe I shouldn't get TOO carried away with the gloating. I took some "shoe self-portraits" last week. I'll share later. :-) (DebR waits for the crowd to calm down from their excessive excitement at that announcement and then continues.) Remember I talked about books too? J was going to take one, right? Wrong! He took four and read three of them! HA! I took 8 and read 5, mostly light and funny romances, but with one mystery thrown in. I liked them all, although I'm not QUITE sure yet what I thought of the ending of the mystery. I'm still thinking about that one.