Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust

I bought a purse yesterday. Yay! Right? Um, no. I'm returning it today or tomorrow, depending on when I next get my ass to town. It's very pretty. It's Apple Green, very stylish. The problem? Too damn SMALL!! AGAIN!! And this time I don't have the excuse of having ordered it online and not visualizing the size correctly. I bought it in person. I HAD my current bag, filled with all my STUFF right there with me and I thought the lovely green bag would hold it all just fine. I was sadly mistaken. This morning, as I was stuffing the paper wads back into the bag (at least I had sense enough to save them until I'd tried loading my Stuff in there), my dearest-darling asked "Do you really need all that stuff? Couldn't you stop carrying some of it?" Oh sure. Ask questions with profound implications about my psyche before I've even finished my first cup of coffee. Now that I've had two cups of coffee and a bowl of cereal, I'm thinking about it. And no, I probably don't *need* all that Stuff. I could probably stop carrying the cute teensy flashlight without the world grinding to a halt. And the pocket knife with screwdriver attachments is probably not strictly necessary to a happy existence. Now that I carry a cell phone with lots of numbers programmed in, maybe I don't need to carry my address book too, although I find it oddly comforting to do so. And of course I don't need the beautiful lime green mini-umbrella every day, but if I don't leave it in there I won't remember to put in in the purse on the days I DO need it, because, well...I'm just like that. I'm sure there are other things that can go too if I put my mind to it. So I guess maybe I can stop carrying some of the Stuff I lug around with me every day. Maybe it's time to try. But the Apple Green purse is still going back to the store. I realized after I got it home that it's too small to hold a book. That's a deal breaker.

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