Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mama wants a brand new bag

The question of the day is this: If I like the color and style trends this spring (and I do! for the first time in years! yay!), why is it so hard to find The Perfect Purse? My current bag was a gift from my friend Bev and I love it. It's a Laurel Burch tote with a red background and handles and bright multicolored fish all over it. It's bright! It's fun! It's gaudy! It's ME!! But my bright, fun fishy bag has been well-loved and is looking sadly faded these days, so I'm reluctantly shopping for a replacement. I thought I had found THE bag on eBay a few weeks ago. It was another Laurel Burch offering, this time with screaming lime green handles and background and multi-colored fish that are just as bright as the first bag, but differently shaped. Different species, I suppose. I ordered it and I love it, but is just too small. I've tried and tried to make myself believe we can work things out, but what can I say? Sometimes size DOES matter. I can't fit all my necessities in there...the "Risky Lime" wallet, the adorable lime green mini-umbrella, the gorgeous multi-colored beaded-pull ditty bag (a gift from my friend, NorthPoleSue....I have GREAT friends!) which contains my emergency survival kit (compact, lipstick, comb, tissues, wet wipes, dental floss, reading glasses, ones! sheesh!...mints, nail file, etc.), my address book, cell phone, the list of "older DVDs I want to add to my collection" (so that I hopefully don't buy the SAME ONES over and over and over...), the list of OOP books I'm looking for (ditto on saving myself from brain farts), sunglasses (both regular and the magnetic ones for when I'm wearing my glasses). It's a lot of STUFF, but it's what I carry. (And hey, it's down from what I carried a few years ago. I'm working on it, ok?) So now that I've reluctantly concluded that the wonderful green fish bag is going to have to go back up on the auction block (sob!), I'm back on the Handbag Scene, trolling for my next partner and hoping for a love match instead of having to settle. I *almost* found one a couple of days ago at Goody's. It was the right size. It had the kind of handles I like. It had the right assortment of compartments...not too few, not too many. But it was Pink. Specifically it was MAGENTA, which is toward the right end of Pink for me, but it's still Pink. I know Pink has been the big IN color the last year or so, but I'm just not a Pink Person. It's too JLo....too Paris Hilton....too BARBIE. If they'd had this bag in lime green, or orange, or red, or electric blue I'd have bought it in a heartbeat. They had OTHER bags in all those colors and more. But did they have THE bag in any of those colors? No. Of course not. There was one...count ' (wasn't that quick?)...bag I liked and it was pink. (sigh) So the quest continues. Maybe I should just give up and look for something easy instead, like the Holy Grail.