Saturday, February 26, 2005

Girly Nails

Only two more sleeps until I head for blue skies, blue water, and people catering to my every whim. Yeah, baby! Seeing as it's after midnight here in the land of 'tucky, I should prolly be asleep already, but since I a) never sleep well before a trip and b) never sleep well for a few days surrounding the full moon, I'm pretty much c) screwed on the sleeping thing. So I just spent this evening watching shows on TLC and doing my nails. By "doing my nails" I mean I glued on pre-painted fake ones. :-) It's really interesting typing now. Maybe I should've done this a few days ago and given myself a little more time to get used to them. Usually my nails are short and unpolished because I USE my hands and keeping them looking manicured is just too damn much trouble. Although my girly heart loves having girly polished nails, so I usually DO keep my toe nails polished. I don't sew or type with my toe nails. At least not often. But when I'm going on a trip --- in particular when I'm going on a CRUISE, where I'm not expected to do strenuous things like pick up dirty towels or open my own napkin at dinner --- I like to have girly finger nails. The last time J and I went on a cruise I went to one of the local nail salons and had mine done by a pro. Acrylic tips, shaping, coats of polish, the works. It was fun and relaxing and they looked great. They held up great during the trip too. In fact, I liked them so much I decided I might try to keep them that way in Real Life. Believe it or not, that actually worked for a while! (I was shocked.) Those acrylic things are pretty tough. But in the end, I beat them. When I realized that I couldn't remember the last time I'd gone the full time between appointments without breaking one or more nails, I decided it was time to stop living the fantasy and go back to naked nails. It turns out that when they take off the fake-o ones, your real ones are a mess under there! The poor things looked like they'd been run over a cheese grater, and it took many, MANY weeks before they were healthy-looking again. So this time I'm trying the easy-peasy DIY jobbies. So far, so good....they look very nice and seem to be pretty secure. But I'm tucking some spares in my luggage, just in case. I've been hurt before.