Friday, February 25, 2005

"Shoes for Julie" on Artful Gift

Another of the Things I Do every morning when I'm drinking my coffee is to solve a couple of online jigsaw puzzles. One is the daily Jigzone puzzle. The other is the daily puzzle at Artful Gift. As you might guess from the name, Janice Williams post puzzles featuring artwork on her site. And something she's started recently is to feature fiber artists on the weekend. Thank you, Janice! The puzzle for February 26, is my quilt "Shoes for Julie". Yay! It's a quilt I made in a "bag of scraps" challenge, where I was sent an anonymous bag of fabric and other Stuff and was supposed to make a quilt from it. I will admit that I suspected the bag I received might have come from Julie, but I wasn't sure until it was done. She assures me she likes having green and purple shoes hanging on her wall. :-) I completed the puzzle in 2 minutes, 50 seconds, which is a pretty typical time for me for the Artful Gift puzzle, so knowing what the quilt looked like turned out to NOT be any great advantage. Go figure. Because the image on Artful Gift is small (or because some people might not want to work the puzzle to see it!), here's a pic of the quilt (linking to a larger pic if you click on it). My bag of scraps went to Laume Zekas, who made me a quilt called Octopus' Garden. It is so ME that you'd think she did a Vulcan Mind Meld on me prior to making it! I love it immensely! Here, take a look: I just realized that's a pic before she added the binding and some beads so I guess I need to switch the pic at some point, but get the idea. I think it's wonderful.